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At Kentwoods we don’t want to change estate agency.

We just want to make the process better, and that is our aim!


Why Choose Kentwood?

We may be a young company, but Kentwood only employ the best agents, trained to an impeccable standard so you can be sure that when you purchase a property through Kentwood you are in safe hands.

Whether you are a first-time buyer, looking to secure your first investment home or simply adding to an existing portfolio at Kentwood we understand how stressful and overwhelming the process can be. That is why we work with our buyers to make each step of the process as smooth as possible. Our promise to make sure all parties are protected is in line to with our commitment to making the process of buying a home clearer.

We have partnered with Gazeal to offer reservation agreements and make sales more secure. With around 29 buyers for each property, becoming a preferred buyer with Gazeal can dramatically increase your chances of securing your dream home regardless of the agency listing the home. You can head over to the Gazeal website to find out more here.

If you cannot find the property you are looking for on our website one of our agents will sit down with you to gain the insight needed to source the property for you. We charge a fixed fee from our vendors regardless of the sale price so you can rest assured we will help to secure the best possible price.

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Once you have put forward your offer the agent you viewed with will then handle the sale process. You will have an initial conversation with one of our trusted mortgage advisers to qualify your financial situation. This is a key part of any offer acceptance to confirm affordability and to make sure you have the best mortgage rate offer possible. They may even be able to secure a better deal on your mortgage though there is no obligation to use them if you have already secured a mortgage offer.

Once your offer has been accepted it is time to issues the sales memorandums to each parties solicitors. If you do not have an appointed solicitor Kentwood can help you secure one. We work with a panel of trusted solicitors and can have these reach out to you with a quote. One of the biggest reasons sales fall apart is due to solicitors. Entrusting the wrong one can be the difference between a typical 12 week sale process or months of lost time. Even worse this could lead to a sale falling apart altogether. Our recommended solicitors work closely with us to ensure your purchase runs smoothly.

Once sales memorandums have been issued your solicitor will begin the necessary checks and paperwork. These include things like searches and enquiries.

From start to finish your agent will be on hand to make sure you understand all the vital details and get regular updates from your solicitors. This way we can keep ahead of any problems that may arise and help your purchase go as smoothly as possible.

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