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At Kentwoods we wanted to steer away from the typical % + vat estate agency fees and long 12+ week sole agency tie-in periods. That is why we have created a clear and transparent fee structure to suit different properties in different areas and at different price points. With Kentwoods there is no fixed sole agency tie-in period giving you the assurance that we will always be working tirelessly to find you a buyer, if not, you're free to add another agent or remove us at any point giving just a 14-day notice to cancel. You can check out our prices here.

Starting from the moment your property is listed, we implement a well-defined marketing strategy. This plan includes regular updates and meticulous maintenance of your property listing across various online portals. This dedicated effort ensures your property advertisement remains captivating and attractive throughout the marketing process. Additionally, we've developed a personalized dashboard accessible through our website. This dashboard empowers you to stay updated on upcoming viewings, view feedback from past viewings, add your own notes, access landlord statements, view reported repairs, and access an array of other invaluable information at your convenience.

First and foremost getting an accurate valuation of your property is important. Over valuing could lead to weeks of wasted marketing time with the need to then reduce the price. Undervaluing could lead to selling the property very quickly but not realising the properties true value. Using our years of local knowledge along with a range of other metrics we will be able to provide you with an accurate valuation along with a clear marketing plan to achieve the price needed to move forward with your future plans.

When getting your property ready to market without spending fortunes re-decorating or re-fitting a kitchen there are a few things you can do to make your property more presentable for little to no cost. Decluttering is one of the biggest things the key to this is; the more floor you can see the better! Using ottoman boxes to hide the kids’ toys can be a great way of ensuring clutter-free space in a busy family home. Giving the outside areas a little bit of attention such as giving the grass a cut and jet washing the driveway & paths also creates much better photos and buyer impressions.

Our agents will provide you with the: TA6 Property Information Form, TA7 Leasehold Information Form (where appropriate) & TA10 Fixtures & Fittings Form. These forms will detail some of the documentation you will need to provide to your solicitor upon finding a buyer. Things like Boiler installation certificates, building sign-offs, and FENSA certificates are some of the things that can create a real delay if left till the last minute. We provide these forms upfront, so you have a bit of a head start getting things together before finding a buyer and instructing a conveyancing solicitor.

We list all of our properties on the UK’s leading property portals Rightmove & Zoopla, to ensure your property is available to be viewed by buyers wherever they are. Each Wednesday we have some portal housekeeping where we manage your property listing ensuring the advert is engaging. We also have a strong marketing campaign on our social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok creating static posts as well as guided walk through tours, where currently we receive over 30,000 monthly views across our channels, ensuring your property can be seen by as many buyers as possible. We place a huge focus on our marketing, having invested into some of the best technology available such as our Giraffe 360 camera which allows us to take ultra-high-resolution photographs, create detailed and accurate floorplans and an immersive 360-degree virtual tour, allowing us to host viewings with perspective buyers virtually, ahead of a private viewing.

We would always advise the property to be vacant upon viewings taking place. The reason for this is that while we are showing buyers around we will be using this time to not only point out the benefits your property has to offer but we are looking to gain constructive feedback and information on your buyers' current situation both personally and financially. This can be difficult to obtain if the vendor is in the property while viewings are going ahead for this reason, we would recommend popping out for a coffee or for some lunch while we take care of the viewings for you. Our agents are fully trained, insured, and responsible so use this time to relax and look at some onward purchase options.

Feedback is important as this can give an insight as to why you are not getting offers or things that could be done to improve the saleability of your home. With this in mind, we always aim to call viewings the day after the viewing has taken place and to ensure feedback is with you no more than 48 hours post viewing. As you can imagine sometimes people don’t answer or return emails, but we will always follow up and get feedback to you in a timely manner.

We use our years of experience to ensure we negotiate every offer! We don’t believe anyone makes their best offer first, so we will always try to push to get the best offer possible. While doing this we pass all offers to our in-house mortgage brokers who will use their expertise to ensure the buyer offering can indeed proceed with the purchase without any financial implications later down the line. So you can rest assured when we report an offer to you, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Probably the most important but least understood area of what an estate agent does. This is where your property is under offer and you and your buyer have engaged with solicitors. Our job then turns into more of a management role of chasing both sides' solicitors to ensure they have everything they need and your file is kept on top of the pile! Speaking with your buyer in regard to survey and survey reports arranging second viewings with family or builders and answering questions or clarifying questions you or the buyers might have during the sale process. This time can be stressful so ensuring you have a contactable and level-headed agent in place can really help and that is what we are! One way to ensure your file is prioritised is by instructing one of our trusted and recommended solicitors. We only use firms with whom we have forged a long relationship with. Any recommendation we make is a reflection of us, so we only recommend the best!

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